MI-SEX: SPACE RACE Australian tour poster


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Fine condition framed tour poster for the band Mi-Sex, from their Australian tour in 2022.

Can be supplied framed or unframed.

From Wikipedia: Mi-Sex (also styled as MiSex) is a New Zealand new wave band originally active from 1978 to 1986, and led for much of its existence by Steve Gilpin as vocalist, Kevin Stanton as guitarist and songwriter, Murray Burns as keyboardist and songwriter, and Don Martin as bassist. The group’s manager for much of its career was Bob Yates. Mi-Sex achieved two top 10 hit singles in 1979-80: “Computer Games” in October 1979 (No. 1 in Australia, No. 5 in New Zealand) and “People” in 1980 (No. 6 and No. 3, respectively). Their first two albums both reached the New Zealand top 10, Graffiti Crimes (July 1979) and Space Race (No. 1, June 1980). They were known for their cutting edge production and dynamic live shows. Gilpin died in January 1992, two months after a serious car accident from which he never recovered. Mi-Sex have periodically reformed, including in 2011 with Steve Balbi (ex-Noiseworks) on lead vocals. Stanton died on 17 May 2017,[ Martin on 10 August 2020.