Cox, Erle. OUT OF THE SILENCE. 1947 Australian edition.


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Cox, Erle. OUT OF THE SILENCE. 1947 Australian edition.First edition thus, expanded edition. A bit of foxing, cheap paper quite toned and offset on endpapers, but stable.

An important work of early Australian Science Fiction. Revised edition containing a chapter not published in either the 1925 first edition or the first U.S. edition (1928). A wonderful novel which even though caused a considerable stir in the early 20’s when serialized in Argosy, is still a very good read today. Begging to be made into film (with a much more politically correct ending !!! ). A near classic. Australian author Erle Cox provides a science fiction novel about two amateur archaeologists in Australia who uncover a hidden high-tech tomb. They also awaken a millennia-old superhuman. A country farmer uncovers remnants of an advanced civilisation that contains a woman, asleep in suspended animation for many thousands of years. Does the beautiful Earani want to save humanity of destroy it? Upon awakening the woman Earani teleports herself into the office of the Australian Prime Minister and reveals her plans to take over the world by using mind control. Is it possible for a man to ignore the requests of the world’s most beautiful and intelligent woman? To fight a relentless and appealing logic no matter how bad the circumstances? (Originally published, 1925.).